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About Me

I first really got involved backstage in the year before starting GCSEs (when I was 14 for the non-English out there). The school I went to had a big production every year (in the first term) this was performed by people from the last years of GCSEs and A-Levels (16/18) and several smaller plays; first year of A-Levels and first year of GCSEs. Though 'back-stagers' would always come from every year - most people think it's no fun! There was also an after school activity on Tuesday afternoons for set/prop making.

In my first year I did the activity and was backstage in every play (cans (intercom) for the biggy (Cabaret that year) and stage hand for the others, I sadly forget what they were.

Having enjoyed this and done some acting previously I decided to take a GCSE in drama. I never was, and still aren't, any good at improvisation so I had the chance to do stage management instead. I stage managed the biggy that year (Into The Woods) and was 'looked after' by the head of drama (an ex-pro. stage manager himself). To say there weren't any problems would be a lie, but I loved it and any show needing a stage manager after that was stage-managed by me.

That year I was asked to do the lighting for the Talent Show, my first time doing lighting, needless to say it was rubbish. But the following year, having done a post-mortem of the show, it was some what better.

In the first year of my A-Levels the A-Level theatre studies people were doing a scaled down version of The Scottish Play (Macbeth), for which I was on Sound, Stage Management and Lighting - some of those set's of ques were fun! Sadly I was not able to do A-Level Theater Studies as it clashed with Physics which I some what needed to do, I am doing a degree in engineering after all.

The last play I stage managed at school was Children Of Eden, not a bad musical and it was fun to do. Yes we had quite a few problems but the audience didn't notice any of them - including when a piece of the set nearly collapsed and needed securing. Now at university I am about to start on my next play with one of the societies here.


I then started at uni and joined Centre Stage. I have done the lighting for a performance of The Crucible (The first play to be performed in a Scottish Cathedral (or church), and stage managed a performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Following which I stage managed a production of End Game for the Samual Beckett society.

Following my time at uni I deceided to return and train as a teacher (Physics) and took on the task of designing the lighting for Grease at one of the schools I had a placement in.


Things I've DoneThings I Want Todo
  • Operate Follow-spot
  • Operate Iron (Safety Curtain)
  • Stage Manage in a 'professional' theatre
  • A matinee followed by an evening performance
  • A panto
  • A production previously done with another company

Share The Wisdom:

  • "It doesn't matter what goes wrong, as long as the audience don't notice" Johnathon Caldicott (the person who taught me/got me addicted to stage management/technical theatre)
  • "It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, as long as you don't make the same mistake twice." Johnathon Caldicott
  • "The impossible we do with ease, miracles however take a little planning" Steven (visiting techie)


My Credits

This table has been done from memory so may contain some omissions and other errors.

Mar 2008School Talent ShowResponsible TeacherHazlehead Academy 
Nov 2007TommySoundHazlehead AcademyChannel 5
Jun 2007GreaseLighting Design, Follow spot operator & ASMBeach Ballroom (Aberdeen)Oldmachar Academy
May 2002End GameSM(from the dress) & Stage ConsultantAberdeen Arts CentreAU Samuel Beckett Society
May 2001A Midsummer Night's DreamSM & FOHAberdeen UniversityAU Centre Stage
Mar 2001The CrucibleLightingSt. Machar Cathedral (Old Aberdeen)AU Centre Stage
Dec 1998School Talent ShowTMThe UnderArdingly College
Nov 1998Children of EdenSMThe UnderArdingly College
?The VisitSMThe UnderArdingly College
?Macbeth (Reduced)Lighting & SoundThe UnderArdingly College
Dec 1997School Talent ShowLightingThe UnderArdingly College
Nov 1997Camino RealSMThe UnderArdingly College
?The Tempest (?)SMThe UnderArdingly College
Dec 1996School Talent ShowLightingThe UnderArdingly College
Nov 1996Into The WoodsSM (1st Time)The UnderArdingly College
Nov 1995CabaretStage CrewThe UnderArdingly College
?Taming of the Russian BearLighting OperatorThe BarnGreat Walstead School