VPS Setup Guide


This is intended to be a very basic guide to getting a VPS up and going, it's aimed at the hobbiest who has enough linux knowledge to want to use a VPS but isn't quite sure how to go about getting it up and going. It assumes you'll be using an Ubuntu VPS from bitfolk, if this isn't the case then some of the things in this guide may be slightly off.


Massive Internet Security Upgrade

I was all set to post one of a few 'ready to go' blog posts today when I ventured upon this story - Firms Tackle Security Flaw In Web Addressing System.

So apparently there's some big bug (sorry security vulnerabillity) in DNS. So much so that the details are being kept secret by the like of Microsoft for 30 days to allow people time to update their machines. Apparently this is the biggest simultaneous update of the internet.



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