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MERG Article - Controlling a Crane

A small change to this month's 'My Workbench' article, rather than talking about my control play ground project, I'll be talking about a small project which has recently taken a sizable chunk of my model railway time (not that I care). And no I don't feel guilty about it - my regular feature was pitched to the editor ( a few issues ago now) as a what's on my workbench series rather than a my control playground series.



MERG Article - Object Oriented Programming

For the last half year or so I've been writing a regular article for the MERG Journal covering what I'm currently upto. I'm doing this mainly because my current big project allows me to dip into several areas typically of interest to MERG members. I'll be posting the articles (slightly edited) after they're printed. Typically the delay (between writing and posting here) will be a few months, so if you want to stay more upto date and get the deleted parts then join MERG.


UK Signalling, An Overview

For some insane reason over on the Model Rail Cast forums I offered to create a piece on UK signalling after someone offered the same for US. So here goes my attempt at covering the basics of UK signalling from early days to the current day. This is far from complete (see sources below for more information) and may contain errors (see comments below to see if any have been found).


Strange Hobby Modelling

Strange thing modelling, it's a hobby which you can enjoy doing, enjoy designing (and never do) and enjoy admiring other people's work in. Not so strange as a hobby so far but occasionally you'll come across something which hits you with a strange mixture of emotions - wow, jealousy of the skills and amazement at the strangeness of the idea all at once. Here's a clip of just one of the models which has created that mixture within me.


HHA Loads

So having got some HHA coal loads from Ten Commandments at the Perth MRC show a few weekends ago, I decided it might be an idea to paint them (one more small job out the way). Yes the photograph showed some missed bits (amazing how cruel a camera can be to a modeller) which have now been patched up.

Picture of painted HHA coal loads


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