Model Railways

MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group) N Gauge Society

My main interests, within railways, are modern trains (2000s). Within model railways my main interest is the control system side.

My interest in model railways started as a young child with the compulsory Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle set. The circle as it was then was increased to have a have a siding. Then along came the 'trains aren't cool' stage and it was disposed of.

In my mid teenage years my interest in the hobby got rekindled with a Graham Farish box set, and I was converted to the joys of N Gauge (not that I took much converting). Progress on the proposed layout was slow (money) and by the time I moved up here for uni the track had just about been laid.

A few years after starting uni (studying Engineering) I joined both MERG and the N Gauge Society and am currently finalising the track plan for what will be my third layout (maybe I'll actually finish this one).