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DRM Can't Work - HDCP Key is Loose

The issue with DRM, as constantly pointed out by Steven Gibson on the Security Now podcast, is that as the player can play the content it can also decrypt it. Whilst the software/hardware doing the copy protection may not support it as an option is is required to have all the information needed (as in the algorithm and the secret), and these can, with varying degrees of difficulty, be extrated in order to break the copy protection.


MERG Article - Controlling a Crane

A small change to this month's 'My Workbench' article, rather than talking about my control play ground project, I'll be talking about a small project which has recently taken a sizable chunk of my model railway time (not that I care). And no I don't feel guilty about it - my regular feature was pitched to the editor ( a few issues ago now) as a what's on my workbench series rather than a my control playground series.