Blogs I Like

The Daily WTF

Stories from the world of technology mismanagement and strange programming which leave you asking one question - WTF? Seriously some of this stuff really should be against the Computer Misuse Act.

Random Acts Of Reality

Written by a London based EMT. Although Tom claims (on several occasions) to be bad at writing he has a sense of humor and an abillity to take me to the incident he describes which I love.

BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell)

(Hopefully) purely fictious stories of how to deal with people who anoy at work. It took my 2 stories to get hooked on this series. A new one comes out every Friday afternoon.

Treoch's Titbits

Written by someone new to model railways and charting their challenges. Unfortunately the building has taken a bit of a break at the moment but he still occasionally puts something up. This blog is the online extension to the 'The Trials Of Treoch' column in Model Rail.

Questionable Content

The first of the comics in this list. A new one every workday.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday see this web comic release another geeky cartoon.


Maths diagrams as jokes, a new one every weekday.